OXO Production released the first season of the sitcom House Arrest / Kukjen Pritvor (original name in Macedonian). The sitcom is a spin-off of the popular TV series Prespav, produced by OXO, aired on MRT1 and the VoD platform House Arrest focuses on the life and family of the corrupt inspector Tomislav Globovski, who is arrested and sentenced to spend 30

The short documentary film “We are all going to die”, participated in International Cinematographers' Film Festival MANAKI BROTHERS, as a part of MAK POINT program. The movie follows the life of Zoki, a funeral parlor worker, who starts to feel broken by the dishonest and disloyal competition, wondering if money is really everything in life, after all. The film

The documentary film “Garden” was part of the Evia Film Project Industry Days in Greece, as part of the Work in Progress program and we won the main award from the Jury. The program included amazing documentary films from Jordan, Peru, Italy, Greece and France, however we managed to convince the Jury that our film has special potential. The