“A Ton of Ice Cream” had its premiere on 15 December, at the Cinematheque of the Republic of North Macedonia

The short feature film “A Ton of Ice Cream” directed by Sandra Gjorgieva had its premiere yesterday, on December 15, at the Cinematheque of the Republic of North Macedonia in Skopje.

The film follows the agony and psychological struggle of Vedran, a 15-year-old boy who takes part in a terrifying event. He tries to make amends, but to the wrong person, Eva, a young mother with a five-year-old daughter who doesn’t get to eat her ice-cream because of Vedran. From that moment on, Vedran begins his absurd apology, manic behavior and obsession with the ice-cream in seeking any kind of forgiveness from them, that is, from himself.

A Ton of Ice Cream” was filmed last summer, 2021, in Skopje, and the main roles are played by Jelena Jovanova and Bodan Kirandziski, and Jovana Ivanova appears on film for the first time.

Director: Sandra Gjorgieva
Scriptwriters: Sandra Gjorgieva & Jakov Poposki

Cinematography: Gjorgji Klincharov
Editor: Mihajlo Chunihin
Production Design: Vlatko Chachorovski
Costume Design: Emilija I. Atanasovska
Music: Jovan Jovanovski
Producer: Ilija Tiricovski
Executive Producer: Pece Taleski
Production: OXO Production
Supported by North Macedonia Film Agency

Developed through CineLink Industry DaysSarajevo Film Festival 2021