Filmtober Hunt – Short Film Showings Produced and Co-produced By OXO at The Cinematheque of North Macedonia

Today and on Friday, 15 October at the Cinematheque of the Republic of North Macedonia, several showings of short films produced and co-produced by OXO will take place. 

– “Starting at 6:00 PM, the youngest audiences and fans of the TV series “5+ Family” will have the opportunity to see the first feature-length film with Petko and his friends – “The Secret Invention” – directed by Dina Duma and penned by Biljana Crvenkovska. Animated shorts “The Piglet That Wanted To Be A Bird” and “The Man Who Stole The Sun”, written and directed by Eleonora Veninova will also be shown at the same event.”, OXO Production stated in a press release.

The press release also states that for the more mature tastes, and starting at 8:00 PM, the audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy the documentary tragicomedy short about the funeral business, titled “We are All going to Die”, by writer/director Sashko Potter Micevski.

– “The same bloc of documentary shorts will also feature “A Divided Society”, written by Sasho Ordanoski and directed by Aleksandar Ristoski, and another author project by Sashko Potter Micevski, “Freedom Of Movement – The Story of Safvat.”, stated OXO Production.