5+ Nikoqirët

5+ Nikoqirët is a children’s TV Show that has been a great source of education and fun for the children and their parents. The TV show was broadcasted for the first time 6 years ago and since then, 6 seasons have aired both on television and on digital platforms.

In an imaginary skyscraper, Miri the dog and his friends Tili, Cvajshtajn, Cvajshtajnito, Kreshnik, Dea, Jehona and others go through various situations and experience adventures related to the kids’ everyday interests, problems, dreams and hopes.

The educational aspect of the show focuses on enhancing the positive traits like empathy and openness that all children already have. This is done by creating episodes and characters that promote positive values such as tolerance, respect, good behavior, inclusion and others which are crucial for the proper development of the young population in one society.


Игор Иванов, Елеонора Венинова,Бесфорт Имами, Васил Христов, Даријан Пејовски, Томче Ангелов, Дина Дума, Марко Ѓоковиќ, Марија Апчевска, Сандра Ѓеоргиева, Вардан Тозија,


Билјана Црвенковска, Билјана Крајчевска, Елеонора Венинова, Драгана Лукан Николоски, Александра Миланова, Сандра Ѓеоргиева, Огнен Георгиевски, Ева Камчева, Димитар Банов, Александар Ристоски, Бистра Георгиева


Бујам Саити, Нертила Дика, Фисник Зекири, Шкељким Ислами, Филип Кипровски, Деа Скикули, Мелика Кастрати, Џака Јонузи, Фатон Исплами, Един Широки, Сара Бајрами, Кујтиме Ахмети, Флактор, Алији, Дениз Рустеми


Пеце Талески