A Ton of Ice Cream

Short Film (2022)

The film follows the agony and psychological struggle of Vedran, a 15-year-old boy who takes part in a terrifying event. He tries to make amends, but to the wrong person, Eva, a young mother with a five-year-old daughter who doesn’t get to eat her ice-cream because of Vedran. From that moment on, Vedran begins his absurd apology, manic behavior and obsession with the ice-cream in seeking any kind of forgiveness from them, that is, from himself.

We Are All Going To Die

Short Documentary (2020)

The prolonged economic uncertainty forced even the local funeral service workers to explore various shortcuts to get more work for their parlors, which sometimes includes maintaining dubious connections with the local hospital staff. Zoki, one of the funeral parlour workers in Shtip (mid-size town in Macedonia), a charming and positive family man, is faced with many challenges while getting work for his company. But, the increased disloyal and dishonest competition started breaking  Zoki’s  spirit and have left him wondering if money is everything in life, after all?

Solo Mode

Short Film (2021)

Inspired by the COVID 19 pandemics, a worried husband and father invents a professional family board game so he can strengthen the bonds of families in times of pandemics, but instead, he ends up locking his family members in separate rooms and creates “a board game for one”.

Freedom Of Movement

Short documentary (2017)

Young Syrian Safwat left his home with his siblings, running away from the war, looking for an asylum heading to West Europe. His parents stayed in Alepo, hoping to see their children someday.

The Man Who Stole the Sun

Short animation (2014)

One sad and very lonely man has lived in his house that looked very dark and, no matter what he did, he could not light it up. Then he figured it out how to make his home brighter. He got one great idea – to stole the sun from the world. After that, the world became dark and cold.

The Pig who wanted to be a bird

Short animation (2014)

A small piglet is going in a school for birds. Just because he looks very different from them, and he could not fly, they are always laughing at him. For that reason, every day he is trying to find many ways to change himself, and look more alike his classmates, the birds. Unfortunately, he could not make it, and the birds are kept on laughing at him more and more. One day, a very heavy rain started to fall, and the birds are in big trouble. The only one who could help them is the Piglet.

A Divided Society

Short documentary (2021)

Twenty years after the 2001 conflict, the media in the Republic of North Macedonia have made a significant progress in balanced reporting and in the professional approach to the reporting on inter-ethnical issues. However, the experiences from that conflict are also important for today’s consideration of the media and how the work of the journalists affect the lives in the multi-ethnical community in Macedonia, rich in ethnic, linguistic and religious differences.